Franca Landreth—home educator, NC
"This is a wonderful program. It has helped both my children tremendously.
The oldest is nine and has severe ADHD in addition to dyslexia. The program really holds his interest as well as my 7 year old's. They love the games and also enjoy the workbooks and stories. We've done other programs, but Go Phonics made it all click. It has made a world of difference and has really built his confidence level. The first grader, who doesn't have problems, is moving through the program smoothly and quickly."

Debbie from Southern California
I just have to tell you how much we've loved using your program. My older son is now 8. He flew through the learning to read process thanks to Go Phonics, and is a GREAT reader now. The games were absolutely invaluable! He loved them, and learned so much through playing them.

My younger son just turned 6. He's been slow to get to that point of being ready to read - things just didn't "click" with him as early as they did with my older son. We've been playing the games on and off as a means of me seeing how much is sticking with him. I can tell that he's now ready, and I'm so excited (as is he) to dive into reading and see the results this year. Thanks so much for a wonderful program.

Rita Newmarker---Kindergarten Teacher, Georgia
I just had to write to you and thank you for your “most successful” Phonics Program.“This has been the second year I have used Go Phonics in my Kindergarten classroom and I want to shout from the roof top how well my kids are reading and writing! Their accomplishments have been absolutely amazing! Your methods started them from day one holding their pencil the correct way, and have eliminated letter reversals. Your beginning Black Line Masters gave them instant success with reading. One group is now half way through Level Two (short vowels) reading each new story with enthusiasm and pride. I also have another group in Level Three (long vowels) reading with ease. This program is so very teacher friendly and it supplies everything needed to teach no matter what the individual students’ needs are. That is essential today when we teachers are given students with such a wide array of beginning capabilities and special needs! My parents are so very happy and amazed at their children’s progress. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me these valuable tools enabling me to have achieved such success in my classroom!

Mary Duer, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School -- Anchorage, Alaska
I used the Go Phonics Kit during a long-term substitute position for 7 months of the school year, teaching 2nd grade struggling readers.  I was introduced to the Go Phonics programs at a workshop that fall by the Anchorage School District Slingerland Program and was given a kit to use in the classroom.  I found the games to be a great benefit to the class.  I started out by introducing the games in small group settings.  The students loved the games and could not wait to be able to play the next ones. It improved their vocabulary, reading skills and thinking skills. Fridays were game day. The students looked forward to it and were excited to play and learn from these games. I suggest making time to work the games into your busy reading schedules, or into spelling. There are so many creative ways of using them and the best part is the students love playing them, which really encourages learning.

     The books are wonderful because they are phonics based, which helps the students to have success.  The words in the games are tied to the books, which also helps to promote success.  I loved what I experienced in working with this program.  All of my students were reading at grade level by the end of the year.  I attribute this to this wonderful program.        

Brenda K.’s 10-yr old son had tracking problems, possible dyslexia, was reading at .8 reading level, and didn't know all of the consonants.

Brenda ordered the Go Phonics Kit at the end of April to work with her son over the summer. He was 10 years old going from 4th into 5th grade and was testing out at a .8 reading level. At that time, he didn't know all of his consonants, had tracking problems, and had possible dyslexia.  On the last day of August, Brenda called and exclaimed in delight “We just finished the program with the last story, Soup for the King, and we’re celebrating tonight by having soup. I never would have believed it was possible at the beginning of the summer. I didn’t know what I was going to do if this program didn’t work. But we worked very hard on it over the summer and it did work! And now I want to order another set of workbooks for my second grade daughter. I’m going to have my son help with the instruction---because you retain it so much more when you have to teach it to someone else.”

  When asked how her 10-year old felt about playing the games and reading the books: "He loved the games, and the stories were interesting and sometimes very appropriate. We took a trip to Yellowstone this summer and the story about Yellowstone Park fit right in. He didn't feel this material talked down to him at all."

Sample Feedback from Home Educators:

"This is a tremendous program. The lesson guides have been very clear. It's all right there. My daughter has really glommed on to the games. That's been the winner! What really makes it for us is the games."  Shirley Hein, parent -- Alaska

"My 2nd grader went from a kindergarten level to reading at a 2nd grade level in just one year. My kingergartener went from Level 1-Learning the Alphabet, to the middle of Level 2-Short Vowels in just 3 months." Emily Crook, parent -- Alaska

"My 5-year old daughter was really struggling. I even have a Slingerland teaching background. But without the materials to go with my training, it was difficult to make progress. Then I started teaching her with Go Phonics. It compliments my Slingerland training. She is learning her letters and beginning to read. This program really works! "  Nancy Winniford, parent -- Alaska

"I'm thrilled with this product. This has been absolute fun--- especially if you have a resistant child with possible dyslexia. Having Go Phonics makes it a lot easier. I’m just a mom and I don’t have the credentials for doing this, but I am actually teaching my child to read."    Gayle Stoops, parent -- Michigan

"Go Phonics is wonderful! My children love everything about the program. I am homeschooling my 3 children (2nd, 1st and K-5) and I am able to teach them all together. Thank you so much." Dawn Smoke -- Alabama

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