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Go Phonics is a phonics curriculum with K-2 language arts for teaching struggling and beginning readers the foundational language skills students need (vital to common core success from 3rd grade on). Using an Orton-Gillingham based/compatible approach, Go Phonics teaching strategies are ideal for dyslexia (explicit, systematic, sequential, multisensory phonics). Integrated tools are hand-on and keep students engaged so they get the vital practice before applying the skills to read meaningful, decodable stories.
K-2 curriculum, and K-4... Intervention (Rti) -- It doesn't talk down to older students.

Divided Into 5 Phonics Levels:
Level 1: Letters of the Alphabet-- name, formation, and sound
Level 2: Short Vowels -- a, i, o, u, and e
Level 3: Long Vowels -- Vowel-consonant-e sounds and Vowel Pairs
Level 4: Vowels Controlled by r and l
Level 5: More Vowel Pairs

What's in the Program

The Basic Kit:

Teacher's Guide, Lessons plans, techniques, strategies.. Levels 1-5
- Basic Skiils Assessments (Manual & Student Book print from CD)
to level, evaluate, measure progress
- 5 Workbooks* Levels 1-5

- 7 Volumes of Decodable Stories (over 600 pages):

Level 1: Scat! Short a Stories
The Fat Cat - SV Stories,
L2: Jack's Cap - More SV Stories,
L3: Sue and Joe's Pies - LV Stories,
Noses and Roses - More LV Stories,
L4: My Turn - Stories with Vowels Controlled by r and l,
L5: Cooking on the Front Burner - Stories with More Vowel Pairs

- 4 Chart Set - 3 charts with 96 key words: alphabet, digraphs, trigraphs, phonograms,
and a
Prefix and Suffix Chart
- Word Lists Book (over 140 lists)

- 108 Letter Cards (with head, belt and foot lines) 
- Songs for Learning to Read -- songbook with audio CD

Add the Go Phonics 50 Game Set:
These Phonics Games help build word decoding fluency as each phonics code is taught.
This is a fun way to give students valuable decoding experience with a lot of words with a code. It's also valuable preparation for reading the decodable story that supports the Go Phonics lesson.
Contents: Carry case with 12 boards, 4 spinners, over 1400 cards,
Game Rules Guide, card storage trays, and game pieces
(some assembly required)

*Teacher Program Package: Go Phonics Basic Kit and Go Phonics 50 Game Set
blackline master permission for on-site duplicating for multiple student use---
assessments, red flag words game card masters, workbooks, 3 Short a Stories (from Scat! book), 
set of 5 black and white charts

Home Program Package: Go Phonics Basic Kit and Go Phonics 50 Game Set
Includes 1 set of 5 consumable workbooks 

Key Word Card Set of 96 -- 5.5" x 7.5" cards ideal for group instruction

NOTE: Kit items also sold separately. Click here to view tools and pricing.

How are lessons taught?
-Lessons integrate auditory and visual review of letters/sound
Spelling is done in conjunction with handwriting
-Grammar, punctuation, and the rules are taught
-Word decoding practice by playing a phonics game
-Worksheets include phonics, grammar, punctuation, and language arts skills in the story
-Teaching non-decodable words that will be in the story

All of this instruction and practice provides the preparation for success
reading the story at the end of the lesson. (Skills also taught during oral reading.) 

Program Benefits:
1. Orton-Gillingham Based and Compatible -- effective for dyslexia/LLD and ALL beginners
2. A Phonics Sequence That Minimizes Confusion
3. Phonics Presented in Patterns to make sense of the rules
4. Strategies/Tips Help Solve Problems with reversals, handwriting, spelling, retention, directionality, blends...
5. A Comprehensive Phonics-Based Reading Program: phonemic awareness, systematic and explicit multisensory phonics, reading, handwriting, spelling, and K-2 language arts
6. 50 Phonics Games provide the vital word decoding/fluency practice as sounds are taught.
This practice empowers students to sound out new words-- gaining word attack skills and automaticity!!
7. 5 Workbooks for writing practice with the phonics and language arts skills -- preparation for reading each story
8. Phonics Applied in Reading 7 Volumes of Phonetically Sequenced Stories
Each story features words with the new sound for the lesson.
A few new non-decodable words must be taught in advance.
The vocabulary is controlled, 93% decodable, and cumulative for ongoing practice.

Download Go Phonics Program Overview with Lesson Samples, Scope and Sequence
or to receive by mail with samples: call 1-800-553-5950 or contact us 

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