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Go Phonics Overview, Sample Lessons, Stories, Tools
Preview phonics lessons, scope, sequence, phonics teaching strategies that help maximize instruction. You'll see sample decodable stories, integrated tools that support lessons, materials descriptions, and price list with discounts built-in to packages/kits.

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DOWNLOADS: Sample Stories from Go Phonics Decodable Readers

Level 2 - The Fat Cat - Short Vowel Stories
Level 2 - Jack's Cap - More Short Vowel Stories
Level 3 - Sue and Joe's Pies - Long Vowel Stories
Level 5 - Cooking on the Front Burner - More Vowel Pairs

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Go Phonics 50 Game Set for fluency
Go Phonics
Price List 2014-15
Go Phonics is Research Based
Go Phonics Program Reviews

Key findings from scientific research concludes:

"Phonemic awareness instruction improves
children's word reading and reading comprehension. 

It helps children learn to spell."

"Systematic and explicit phonics instruction
makes a bigger contribution to children's growth
in reading than instruction that provides
non-systematic or no phonics instruction."

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